8th January 2017
Wiesbaden, Casino-Gesellschaft
With Julia Palmova (Piano)
Godard: Valse, Fauré: Morceau de Concours, Boehm: Grande Polonaise

22th August 2016 16:40
Székesfehérvár Senate Hall
Debussy: Syrinx

Foyer10th July 2016

Wiesbaden, Staatstheater (inner courtyard)

Chamber Music Concert (open-air)

Ch. Gounod: Petite Symphonie and other pieces

Foyer20th March 2016

Wiesbaden, Staatstheater Foyer

Chamber Music Concert

Wind Quintet

“High quality entertainment with ‘Das Quintett’ on this Sunday morning…a beautiful programme with highly-motivated players.” – Charla Schutte